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E•S•C•A•P•I•S•M ■D•E•L•U•X•E

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From the opening drips of bouncy guitar, you’re transported on a Scandinavian voyage of chilled out bliss that will stay with you long after you finish your Mr. Freeze.” - Get Into This 2016

Ruby Empress journey began in May 2016 with the release of the laid back dreamy psyche-pop tune "Deluca"Deluca was meant to be a messy-break-up song but ended up as a metaphor for unpredictable Scandinavian weather with musical build up and chaos to match it. Despite the odd format of "Deluca" it instantly became viral. It was soon streamed over 800.000 times on soundcloud, reached #3 on Hype Machine and #11 on top 50 viral tracks in the world on Spotify


“Ruby Empress' "Strung Out" is the Indie Revival We've Been Waiting For” - Bitchslap Magazine 2016

Strung Out, released September 2016, is the second single from Ruby Empress soon to be released EP 'Empressionism'. The single is a disco-droned, hazy love song, a glimpse into teenage angst, with beauty and chaos to match it and all the beats you'll find in a restless young boy's heart. 

Escapism deluxe

“Psychedelic pop from the west coast of Sweden, Ruby Empress spiral onto the scene like Tame Impala processed through a Scandinavian pop prism, stepping out fully formed and dressed to empress on new single “Escapism Deluxe” - Gold Atlas 2017

Escapism Deluxe, released February 3rd, is the third single release from Ruby Empress. Of course there had to be a song about the early New York disco scene in the late 1970s - new frontiers, glamour, decadance and decay - but most of all excitement! Escapism Deluxe is glitter, darkness, oddity and a fearless dive into the unknown.



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