'MIND GAMES sessions' released May 18th 2018

listen here

Ruby Empress featured in Nordic by nature: 

"Introducing: Ruby Empress"

“We want to write songs that make lost people feel found..”

"Following the success of their gone-viral single “Deluca” in 2016 and the debut EP “Empressionism” last year, the twenty-something Gothenburgians are well set to continue their musical journey. “Mind Games Sessions” is the name of their most recent endeavour: it is more than your traditional EP release, but rather an adventurous audiovisual experiment undertaken together with a bunch of creative collaborators. We had a chat with Tom (lead singer) and Axel (synths and vocals) about what went into making “Mind Games”, how to fight algorithmization and global conformity, and – as a bonus – about their guilty pleasures."

'mind games sessions' Featured in Nöjesguiden and premiered on Swedish Radio P3

Tom - TAG & XYZ April 2017.png

ruby empress featured in the april issue of xyz & TAG Magazine 

- You're performing in the UK for the first time this month. How are you feeling about that?  

"We sort of imagine that London will be our second home, so we have to steal your hearts and do great shows. You know Gothenburg is called Little London..."

- Did you start out with a goal in mind? A band ethos perhaps?

"To become really , really big with our eccentricities, with our songs and style intact."

Ruby live.jpg

"Live at Leeds: Swedish band steal the show!"

"At 4.30pm on the small second stage at Leeds Beckett University, an outrageously outre Swedish five-piece in red and black leathers who would have suited Todd Haynes’ movie Velvet Goldmine grow the crowd from 15 to 50 people in the space of just half an hour and nearly steal the whole festival.

Oozing jaded charisma, lush opulence and a mesmerisingly provocative blonde-haired lead singer with an old skool Flying V guitar whose hypnotic stage persona is one part Madonna, one part Johnny Rotten and one part serial killer, Ruby Empress reveal they have driven 26 hours to be here." - Graham Chalmers

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 6.45.57 PM.png

Radio Intervju med Tom

Radio AF intervjuade Tom inför Ruby Empress spelning i Norrköping på Where's the Music Festivalen.


"Obsessed with the glitter of the 1970s and excesses of studio 54, the Gothenburg-based band peppers their slick disco pop with spiky guitar solos, falsetto vocals, and plenty of psych rock reverb."

- Laura Studarus

Screen Shot 2017-12-07 at 2.53.35 PM.png

Ruby Empress "Danseuses De Delphes" featured in Ubisoft's new expansion pack: Steep -Road To The Olympics!

Steep is an extreme sports video game that was originally released in December of last year and the new expansion pack titled Steep: Road To The Olympics is out now featuring "Danseuses De Delphes" by Ruby Empress. The expansion pack will allow players to partake in the events of the The PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games.

Tom - Ruby Empress

Tom Serner in Inteview with IndieBerlin 

indieBerlin: "Do you see your songs in color or in black and white?"
Tom: "Definitely color. Especially psychedelic, pulsing colors. Off-colors and colors that still not have a name. Sometimes colors that you can’t see at first but only after many listens."

office magazine Premiere: Ruby Empress - "Kimono House" Video and interview

"With their new video for "Kimono House," Swedish pop band Ruby Empress hopes to defeat time. It's an ambitious feat, but one that can potentially be achieved given creative minds that know no limits." - Emilia Esser (Office Magazine)

‘Kimono House’ Premiere with acid stag 

"This is music you’ll want to dance to, music you can make out to, music you’ll be making love to – fans of 1970’s groups like ELO or Earth Wind & Fire are going to froth over Ruby Empress."

The Great Escape announces first 50 artists for 2018 line-up

"The legendary showcase of new and rising acts takes place in Brighton across multiple venues in May – and this year, the first batch of acts announced will also play the new ‘First Fifty’ shows in London in November." - Andrew Trendell NME

Make sure to catch Ruby Empress First Fifty performance at The Courtyard Theatre in east London  November 21st . 

Ruby Empress to Perform at reeperbahn festival 2017

Ruby Empress will play at Reeperbahn festval in Hamburg, Germany September 20-23rd. Time and Location of their performance will be announced soon.

Ruby Empress on Eclectic Electric Radio Show 

”Ruby Empress were absolutely amazing - like a spaceship that just landed - huge!”  

-Doug Marshall, Eclectic Electric

Tune in from minute 35 to hear what else Eclectic Electric had to say about Ruby Empress and listen to the backstage interview they did right before the live show at Metropolis Studios April, 28th.

Axel Profet Scala Stockholm

musikguiden i p3: best swedish psychedelia releases so far in 2017

Escapism Deluxe featured in Swedish Radio show Musikguiden P3. Best Swedish Psychedelia releases in the first quarter of 2017. Playlist curated by Samir Yosufi. 

Profet musik: 'The Ruby factory' - en intervju med Ruby Empress 

"Deras konst berör en in i grunden. Den är grymt genomarbetad, intellektuell, känslig och vacker. När en lyssnar på EP:n hemma i sängen, så kan man inte tro att det blir bättre. När man ser dem live så vänds hela ens bild av Ruby Empress upp och ner"  - Elizeth Casal


"In the past few years Sweden has really been at the forefront of producing excellently crafted pop songs and stars. With the likes of Tove Lo and Zara Larsson already establishing themselves as ones to watch, Ruby Empress can now be added to the list of Scandinavian acts showing the rest of the world how to do pop properly."


musik VIDEOPREMIÄR: Ruby Empress – ”Escapism Deluxe”

"Göteborgsbandet Ruby Empress spelar slick pop i stil med sena The Strokes och Phoenix med ljudbilder som påminner om neon och ändlösa sommarnätter."

Radio Premiär med p3

"Ruby Empress har gjort sig kända som ett band som inte är rädda för att experimentera. Det visade dem inte minst på debut-EP:n "Empressionalism"som kom tidigare i år. "Kimono House" är inspirerad av den amerikanska målaren Edward Hopper och flirtar både med psyk-rocken och 70-talets disco-era."

live Review Indie Berlin: Ruby Empress at Basement Bash -"Stripping off for diversity"  

"The cherry on top was Scandi-electro-psyche-disco wonder Ruby Empress. Catchy hooks, amazing vocals, and the ethereal beauty of lead singer, Tom Serner (honestly the prettiest person in the room) all culminated in a performance we’re going to relive over and over again." - Indie Berlin

new live photos from Ruby Empress gig at Uddevalla Solid Sounds Festival

Photo Credit: Decibell Media

Forumist magazine Feature

"Few bands today understand the shared history and common purpose of music and fashion. Ruby Empress, on the other hand, is built upon that understanding. The Gothenburg quartet breathes new air into the predetermined visual depiction of a pop band by crossing over styles and ignoring gender confinements."  
- Filip Lindström

'Atom labor blog: Die coolsten Musikvideos in dieser Woche'

"Since their indie-chill debut "Deluca" was released in May 2016, Swedish Ruby Empress has set fire to a hope that the magic of the 1970's supergroups like ELO or Earth Wind & Fire could actually reappear today. Ruby Empress does not shy the challenge."

Ruby Empress featured on dansende beren:  

'best videos of week 20'

Ruby empress featured on 'Ones to watch'

"Since their indie-chill debut "Deluca" was released in May 2016, Swedish Ruby Empress has set fire to a hope that the magic of the 1970s supergroups like ELO or Earth Wind & Fire could actually reappear today. Ruby Empress does not shy to the challenge."

escapism deluxe #1 on Indie Shuffles popular songs this week

(Week 7, 2017)

a baby is born

"The Ruby Empress empire widens with this release as the cross-overs are more frequent and the musical roots are deeper. All tracks are written, produced and mixed by Ruby Empress themselves"


"First signing is Swedish indie band Ruby Empress"

'Kaltblut' - Escape to Ruby Wonderland: An Interview with ruby empress 

"Who were some of your most influential artists / producers during this time?"

Escapism Deluxe now playing on new music friday Germany

(Friday Feb, 3rd)

'The Launch' - Ruby Empress

"Hey Tom, we’re happy to be speaking with you today. Will you tell us a little about the journey you all had to take in order to establish Ruby Empress?"

Lovelight (jv-30)

now playing on new music friday sweden

(Friday Feb, 10th)

DELUCA /STRUNG OUT "7" Single with special polaroid julia ragnarsson edition is now on sale! 

The first ever vinyl release from Ruby Empress is out! 


February 9-10 it is once again time for Where’s the Music, the Swedish Showcase and conference festival that takes place in Norrköping each year. Ruby Empress will be performing among artists like Ebbot, Alice Boman and Familjen. Find our more about the festival and secure a ticket in the link below.

Ruby Empress recorded an acoustic version of "Strung Out" for Amazon Music

Photo Credit: Emma Viola Lilja

Ja Ja Ja London: Spotlight Interview – Ruby Empress

"We’re very excited for you to join us at the upcoming Ja Ja Ja club night in London! What should people who are coming to the show expect from Ruby Empress live?" - Francine Gorman

"Grandness, love, smiles, rhythm, and eerie parts. We hope to spark some magic. That’s what is all about isn’t it? We also hope that it’ll be a collaboration. We love everyone that comes to our shows and want them to feel our love and respect. But we also love to be loved and can never get enough of that."
- Ruby Empress

Ruby empress release gig in stockholm! 

Check out the photos from Ruby Empress Release gig in Stockholm at Scalateatern March, 10th!  Photos taken by Anna Lönn and released by Profet 

Escapism Deluxe

xyz-brightons best listings: 

Release review: Ruby Empres "Empressionism"  

"It’s refreshingly exciting to hear a new band with such stratospheric ambition as Gothenburg’s Ruby Empress. Opening track “Danseuses de Delphes” encapsulates their psychedelic disco vibrations perfectly, juxtaposing thick Tame Impala-esque synths with Nile Rogers guitar rhythms" - Jimmy Volts 

'ohestee:  Ruby Empress Indulge In Lust & Desires For “Escapism Deluxe” Video'

"With a thudding baseline and vibrant neon lights that embrace the synths, the duo propel you to the underworld club scene in the 70s."

GP-Kultur: 'Ruby Empress skapar egen rörelse'

" Vi har blivit mer intresserade av att skapa en hel värld. Göra filmer, experimentera med kläddesigners och skriva roliga texter. Empressionism kan egentligen genomsyra allt vi gör, säger Axel Agervi. "

'track by track with line of the best fit'

"Tom Serner shares the experiences and influences that lead to the creation of sprawling debut EP Empressionism."

NEON GOLD RECORDS: 'Glittering with gold'

"Psychedelic pop from the west coast of Sweden, Ruby Empress spiral onto the scene like Tame Impala processed through a Scandinavian pop prism, stepping out fully formed and dressed to empress on new single “Escapism Deluxe”.

ruby empress +indie shuffle = Magnets

"before this write-up gets altogether too druggy, the punchline of the review was that the force was actual just a magnetic one"

ruby empress featured on all things go "10 best songs of the week"



(Friday Feb, 3rd)

'interview avec tom serner, leader du groupe'

"And the title of the EP is Empressionism, what’s that?"

"Our own « ism », of course we had to have one. After Impressionism came Expressionism and Popism and then Empressionism, named after the Empress of course."